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Fine Art Gallery

Luminous Impressions is a one-of-a-kind website that serves as an Online Fine Art Gallery. It allows artists to post and maintain works of fine art – be it paintings, landscape photography or nature photography. They can display their work to a world wide audience, online. It’s a fast, efficient and really cost-effective way of getting yourself noticed.

The finest and fast-growing fine art gallery online - Luminous Impressions!

Any kind of art is in a sense is an expression of one’s individuality. It is something that’s derived from personal experience. We understand this aspect very clearly; therefore we give you complete freedom to design your page as you please. You can also organize your art as per your convenience. We always encourage our member artists to be as creative as possible when designing their own space. This helps the art come out in an environment where it can be best represented.

From the technical side of things we will make sure that your gallery is easy to load and navigable. A slow, sluggish site tends to put off viewers very easily. So we make it a point to design our site in such a manner that the art is easily viewable and in the appropriate format. All you have to do is upload your work onto our site in a ‘jpeg’ format. Your work can be displayed as framed or unframed limited edition fine art prints. You can also include a brief profile about yourself, your past work and qualifications. We are dedicated to bringing you quality services and continuously look for ideas to serve you better by enabling your work to reach a larger and more targeted audience.



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